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About me

“When I close my eyes and try to explore my inner feelings, I wonder what is most visible to me. The answer is: sadness. It is drifting like clouds, continually and quite endlessly. I want to drag it out of my head and expose it on the canvas.”


1979 – Born in Thanh Hoa City, Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam
2000 – Graduated from University of Art and Design, Hanoi, Vietnam


1996 – 2000 – Diploma in Graphic Design, University for Art and Design, Hanoi
1994 – 1996 – Art and Culture High school, Thanh Hoa Province


2008 – “Icon of Asia – Asean contemporary Art” EMart Gallery. Beijing. China
2006 – “Continuous” Young Artist Club, Hanoi of the Vietnam Fine Art Association, Hanoi
2007 – “Vietnamese Modernism”, Dr. M. T. Geoffrey Yeh Art Gallery, St. John¸s University, New York
2007 – “City of Art: Planning for a future Hanoi by Visual Artists” Support from Cultural Development
and Exchange Fund (CDEF), Vietnam Fine Art Museum, Hanoi
2006 – “Unlimited” at “Xe Co” Cafe, Hanoi
2006 – “Exchange” at Suffusive Art Gallery, Hanoi
2006 – “Yes or No” Young Artist Club, Hanoi of the Vietnam Fine Art Association, Hanoi
2005 – National Fine Art Exhibition, Hanoi
2004 – Asean Art Awards 2004, Bangkok, Thailand
2004 – Annual Exhibition of the Young Artist Club, Hanoi
2003 – “Young Look” French Alliance, Hanoi
2000 – “Women of Vietnam”, Hanoi International Women’s Club, Hanoi


2001 – Solo-Exhibition “Streetlife” Hilton Hotel, Hanoi


2004 – Juror¸s Choice Award, Philip Morris ASEAN Art Awards, Thailand
2004 – Encouragement Award, “400 years Don Quixote”, Spanish Embassy, Hanoi


Public Collection: Ho Chi Minh Fine Art Museum, HCM City
Private Collection: America, Australia, Germany, Japan, Sweden.